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Having chosen a rather bold company name - "The Edge" to assertively position ourselves as "different", we have taken responsibility for displaying that difference in the work we do.. As pioneers of some exceptional research techniques, that allow our clients to acquire valuable new insights into their markets, we are focused on an integrated strategic planning process that we call Strategeze, and a technological platform that is unrivalled.

Strategeze - stimulated by a natural and continuous flow of information between buyer and seller. Our Global Data Capture environment rests on the most time/cost effective automated data processing platform in the industry. At our hub, handwritten data is read and processed by our server from scans, faxes, the internet, pen-based computers, and now - from our A.R.K. kiosks. To our clients, we offer; more quality time designing methodologies and reporting actionable results, instant access to knowledge (any point in the field process), and project turnaround times that are measured in days - not weeks. 

The Edge offers a full range of quantitative and qualitative programs such as; PackEdge, CoverEdge, UseEdge, StorEdge, AdEdge and Edge-on-Campus with associates covering Canada, USA and Europe.

We now feature our proprietary direct data collection system called The Point! System.

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